Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Writer, Director and Producer (Filmmaker)
3D Animator
Nima Raoofi

Adelaide, Australia

  • Professional Experience

                                              Location : Adelaide, Australia
•Writer, Director and Producer for "Border", Short Film at Bermuda Triangle Pictures                                                                                                                                                   2014

                                              Location : Adelaide, Australia
•Producer for 3 Video Commercials at Bermuda Triangle Pictures.                           2014

                                               Location : Adelaide, Australia                                2012
•Animator for "Metro Last Light" Video Game
•Animator for "Fruit Ninja" TV Series,
                                   at The People's Republic Of Animation. (The PRA)    

                                               Location : Adelaide, Australia                                2012
• Writer/ Director/ Producer/ VFX Artist for "The Complicity" Short Film.
• Writer/ Director / VFX Artist for "My Shoes" Short Film.

Saba Film Production               Location : Tehran, Iran                                 2009-2011
Director (3 episodes) and Animation supervisor for “volleyball players” TV Series

Rasana Studios                         Location : Tehran, Iran                                2007-2009
Animation Supervisor for “Mithra : The Calling” Video Game
Animator for “Age of Pahlevans 2” Video Game
Animator for “Age of Pahlevans” Video Game
Character Modeling and Character setup for “Ajdehaak” TV Series

Beetle Studios                            Location : Tehran, Iran                               2005-2007
Animator for “The Bridge” TV feature film
Animator for “Mitchka” TV Series

Roozegare Torfeh Studios          Location : Tehran, Iran                                2004-2005
Animator for 5 Television commercials

Tehran University Studios           Location : Tehran, Iran                                2003-2004
Animator for Tehran’s Municipality Department Project (10 shorts)

Today’s Animators Studios         Location : Tehran, Iran                                2002-2003
Character animator for “adventures of Arshia”  TV Series

Arge Honar Studios                    Location : Tehran, Iran                                2001-2002
Modeler, animator for 5 Television commercials

  • Skills

  • Technical Knowledge

3ds max
Adobe After Effects
Adobe premiere
• Final Cut Pro
Adobe Photoshop